Focus Group Moderators

Beggs & Associates (NYC)/ Stat One Research (Atlanta) designs and conducts qualitative studies of all types for Fortune 500 clients across over a dozen industries.

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Deep Expertise

ExpertiseTom has worked on the supplier, agency and client sides of the business - for global research firms, agencies and end users.

Been there, done that

On hundreds of engagements for a variety of purposes - market needs, image/ awareness, ad testing, new concept evaluation, etc.

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A proven approach

When you have done it 1,000 times, execution in design to reporting is flawless.

Held anywhere

Our studies are conducted in person or via phone/web anywhere in the world.

Tailored to you

Research engagements and moderator training programs are tailored to client needs.

With support

Get the support you need before, during and after the project or training.


Great Moderators are Great Listeners

In the focus group, in the observation room, in the start meeting, in moderator training, in other specialty training, with thought leaders, at trade shows, everywhere that relates to his or her work and what is important to his or her clients. Tom has over two decades of this under his belt - and this is from the heavyweight clients, the real experts and true thought leaders.

Deep Experience and Deep Training

As the saying goes, there is no substitute for experience. Nothing could be more accurate when it comes to moderating, and instructing others to moderate focus groups. Train wrecks in anything from design and recruiting to moderation and reporting are frequently attributable to lack of training and experience on the part of the moderator. He or she was simply learning on the job.

Sell it, Do it, and Teach it

With thousands of focus groups, IDIs, and usability sessions comes expertise that enables one to have not just fluency in the craft, but fluency across project types, industries, applications, respondents types, etc. Tom doesn't just do these for the the largest research firms, agencies, and Fortune 500 clients, Tom teaches clients and other moderators proven best practices and obtaining greater ROI out of each and every engagement.

Call 646-290-7101 and See for Yourself

Talk with Tom about your needs and objectives. See how he compares to the others. Look at his proposal and what he suggests. The great thing is that Tom has worked as a client, as an agency, and as a supplier. He knows what is important and what will be most effective for your purposes - in the areas that truly matter.